2020, The Coronavirus, & What's Next

2020, The Coronavirus, & What's Next

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There's a lot going on right now to say the least! Borders are shutting down, the economy is reeling, people are fearful as uncertainty lingers. All for what.... a little microscopic organism? Who would have thought something so small and naked to the human eye could all so much havoc. But it has, and many are wondering what God is saying in the midst of this crisis and what we can expect for the future.

In his new book "2020, The Coronavirus, & What's Next", Prophetic Minister Stephen Powell lays out a very clear and concise word from the Lord speaking directly into this situation, which is sure to bring both sorbet and hope at this time. He uses several other prophetic words from other prophetic ministers who saw the virus in advance and spoke into it under a prophetic utterance.

Find out how significant the year 2020 really is and what the future holds. Find out what the prophets have spoken about this particular virus, as well as future pandemics that the Lord is warning of. Find comfort in the words of our Lord Jesus, as Stephen shares words of peace and hope from Jesus' own teachings concerning the days we're living in.

It's the best of times and the worst of times. It's a time in human history where we will see the greatest revival and harvest in human history, as well as the greatest falling away accompanied by the rise of the antichrist spirit in the earth. Are you ready for what is here? Are you ready for what's coming? We believe this book will help you to watch over your heart diligently in these times with the sure word of the Lord, as well as be prepared for what's coming! God Bless!